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I have never had a problem with semi-freehub designs or the frehubs from shimano. By semi-freehub I mean the kind where, as on my Coda hubs, the ratchet ring is in the hub body and the bearings are cartridge as with a freehweel but the cassette and pawls stay on it's own section held on with a lock ring and it's own bearings. Translates to 4 sealed cartridges and a couple seal rings. Good for muddy creeks, snow, rain and whatever else I've ever hit. When the pawls section needs to be cleaned/lubed its just a matter of taking the set screw lockring and it all slides off without a million bits.

The shimano freehubs have always worked well for me as well, but the main bearings of those hubs have required considerably more maintenance than the afore mentioned cartridge design. Sometime back I saw a device used for repacking the freehub mechanism just by squirting it with a certain type of grease gun like fitting. Could be a thing to consider rather than full dissasembly.

The other element to consider is the grade of grease. Most 'bike' grade greases are really for a lack of better term, low grade. An automotive grease such as Valvoline Moly sulphide(red, marine grade) will hold up much better under adversity.
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