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multiple flat newbie questions

hello everyone. nyc newbie here. got the trek 7300 as my joyriding on the streets/possible commuter bike. took it out for a test spin that night (i had lights) in the pouring rain. did 25 miles all over manhattan.

the next day, on my way to the bike shop to buy a bag attachment, i get a flat. no big deal. was just glad i didn't get it the night before. owner of the LBS changed the tube. no big deal. since then, i've patched up 3 flats on the same tube, and gave up when i got my fourth.

i have no skin left on my hands, my knuckles are sore, i'm worried that i destroyed the rim and tire trying to get that thing on and off. my front brakes are slightly off too. one clamps down slightly lower than the one on the other side. this is probably because i didn't bother releasing the brake to take off the wheel, opting instead to just deflate and squeeze the tire.

anyway, did i just get a bad tube? all the flats are on the outside of the tube in different places. everything i read says it probably isn't a spoke for this reason. i checked the inside of the tire a bunch of times, starting with a cotton ball. it's at the point now where i'm rubbing my fingers through the inside actually hoping to get cut on something. i have the zinn mountain bike book, i've seen sites on the web including sheldon brown's. can anybody post a link for "changing a flat for BIG dummies" or something like that? the LBS was closed today, i'm hoping all i have to do is get a new tube. but i'm also dying to take the bike out for a spin RIGHT NOW. sorry again for momentarily dumbing down the board
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