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just looking at the trek, the bike i used to do 25 night miles in the pouring rain was starting to aggravate me. did the only thing i could. took my girlfriend's bike, called up a neighbor who has also recently got into cycling and decided to do the east river bridge tour. we did local routes to the williamsburg bridge, up manhattan crossing over the 59th st bridge into queens, through astoria over the triboro bridge back into manhattan. the triboro bridge defeinitely wigged me out a bit. it's a narrow walkway, the bike map says you should be walking your bike and i saw why. about 6 feet wide, and for a good stretch the side rail was only a few inches above my saddle. this took us to harlem, went straight down 5th ave, through central park and back home to brooklyn heights over the brooklyn bridge. night biking in 25 degree weather. worth every pedal stroke!!!!! left my apt at 10:30 pm, got back at 4am. just too late to hit the local bar for a celebratory brew. just turned 32 yesterday. g*d*mm*t, why didn't i have a bike sooner.

now if i can only stop getting flats on my new trek... ::sigh::

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