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The fit between a tyre and rim can vary a lot with different brands. There is no advantage to a really tight fit, and looser ones are easier to fix. Tyres are the one place where you should fit the best you can afford. They affect performance more than any other component. Fit a tough slick or slightly treaded tyre with a kevlar belt (not bead), such a armadillo, continental top-touring. I use the Panarcer Pasela, and they are OK, but can have weaker sidewalls. I would suggest a 32mm width in 700c size, or a 1.5" for MTB wheels.

One way to make your tyres even more puncture resistant is to fit something like Mr Tuffy tape between the inner and tyre.

On a note of urban paranoia, before you slide your finger around the inside, just check that the punture was not caused by a discarded hyperdermic needle.
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