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This is a Dahon "Passport" Boardwalk. Over here, these dahons are sold under the name Passport. Why Dahon brands its bikes in so many different ways around the globe is a mystery to me.. wouldn't it be for the best to build a worldwide recognised brand?

Anyway..the model is not labeled, on it, or by the shop, in any other way than "Boardwalk". It has six gears, which of course makes it plausible to think it's the D6, last made in 2004 if I am correct. However, it's got Pro Max brakes, not Power V.. Pro Max seen on d3/d7 2005's. which leads me to believe that it is some form of D6 2005 model.
Aaaanyway, just got this today, will be used as my commuting bike.... I shall name it.....Avey!!!
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