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don't blame you. I once tried my 13 mile commute in 3-4" during a snowstorm one new year's eve day near sunset and I took the sidewalks like an idiot. it took 2 hrs on my MTB with the big wide studded snows aired down to "float" another mistake. it was brutal and I froze my toes. after warming at a DD I pumped my tires the best I could with my mini frame pump and took the road home, that only took 1 hr, 1/2 the time and the ride back has an overall elevation gain as opposed to elevation loss going in. lessons learned: use the road, use the road bike not the MTB, use the narrow studded tires, pump to max pressure for all but the rarest occasions where just 1 or 2 lbs should be let out for traction on only some very rare ice/snow combinations & ride in the right tire track not in the slush/snow to the right of the tire track. you are a vehicle so use pavement. that was the epic night I strained my Iliotibial Band which took months to recover from. lessons learned from that, better thermal protection for my Iliotibial Band at the knee, proper saddle height, or slightly lower in extreme cold, use lower gears in extreme cold or stay off the sidewalks in deep snow. mashing in extreme cold is bad for the Iliotibial Band. that was one nasty desperate night ride home.
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