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Originally posted by pokey
????:confused: :confused:
I don't know about a factor of 10, but it does seem that wet streets increase the likelihood of flats. It seems to be because little pieces of broken glass, etc., will cling to the wet tire offering another chance for a sharp edge to penetrate. A dry tire will just roll over such little bits without their clinging.

It would behoove you to follow the advice of aligning the stem on the tube with the logo on the tire which facilitates finding the location of the hole in the tube relative to the tire. You may have a little piece of something still in the tire that is causing the flats. If you can find it and remove it your immediate problem may be solved.

I commute 22+ miles every day on trashy urban streets and used to get a lot of flats. I finally resorted to heavy Performance thorn resistant 23-26 mm tubes, Mr. Tuffy tire liners and sturdy 25 mm tires. I have had very few flats since going to that extreme combination. I actually use inexpensive tires that I get on sale because, although I don't get flats, the tires get cut up in about 1000 miles.
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