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Originally Posted by HillRider View Post
You would think the manufacturers would have recognized the existance of compact cranks several years ago and constructed their braze-on tabs accordingly. Maybe compacts weren't a consideration in '04 when the OP's bike was manufactured.
Maybe it was more that Trek didn't consider that the customers who were going to buy a 5900 would want a compact?

Compact is current now, not sure about 2004, got my first compact back around 2008 so they were around then, but now that Shimano has 52/36 cranks coming out (thinking they will filter from Dura Ace, probably with the next gen of Ultegra) , I've got a feeling that compact maybe disappearing again; given that a manufacture can make one crank/BCD for their complete range with this vs 2 needed for compact and standard, and the ever widening ratio cassettes now available.
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