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"Suntour" (really Sunrace, who acquired the once great Suntour name for a song) are cheap disposable forks. if/when you disassemble it, you'll probably find the "lock" is a little finger of plastic or soft metal thats gotten mangled.

I did disassemble a low end Manitou fork once to replace the springs with heavier ones. IIRC, I had to remove the knobs from the top of both sides, and unscrew whatever cap was under them, then the forks came apart. had to clean everything inside then reassemble with my new springs and fresh grease. IIRC, on those forks one side had the spring, and the other side had the damper ('shock absorber').

there's no compressed air in your shock. You find that in shocks like Fox Float's, which cost more than the whole bike a suntour fork came on. any air shock will have an air valve for pumping them up, they typically need 150-200PSI (you have to use a special high pressure fork pump for this, not a regular tire pump).
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