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Originally Posted by DRcycling View Post
I wish I did have a job with the company! I see most of these posts are from out of the metropolitan so its kind of hard for you to understand our biking community here in NY, which although a big city, the bike community is quite small. I happen to be a part of this community and have seen the people like yourselves that are skeptical and apparently either work for the competitor or maybe should. In a world full of oligopolies, why not root for the smaller companies? I happen to come across this feed on bike forums and felt compelled to reply. We can talk about the website and whether it fits your tech standards but how about ride the bike and see if you like it before being so judgmental. On their Facebook page, you can find at least ten riders with a carbon frame. Ask one of them. Happy New Year to all. May 2013 bring you health and prosperity!
That's quite an accusation. You really are not doing this company any favours posting this. My spidey sense tells me something smells fishy about this thread.

This thread is shaping up to be an epic.
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