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Originally Posted by Sasquatch16 View Post
I usually wear a UA compression cold gear shirt as my first layer. No matter how cold it is I am always wet between skin and shirt. Then any light breeze gives a chill. Is it not cold enough to be wearing this shirt? Should I be wearing something else against skin. I have noticed when just sitting still like in a tree stand hunting I do not encounter this. It is almost like wearing a wet suit.
Rather than trying to stay dry in cold weather using a vapor barrier layer can make your sweat stays warm.
For that use a pvc rain jacket or plastic wrap or a big plastic bag that you will use as a jacket as second layer and an insulation above the pvc rain jacket or plastic wrap and it will keep your sweat pretty warm but a good wind resistant/windproof outer jacket or insulation layer is essential for this to work well. It's not intended for high exertion though but low intensity and steady exercise like walking in cold weather below 14F/-10C. It lower the evaporative cooling process even stop it if the seal is perfect but i doubt it will be the case. You will sweat probably more but your sweat shouldn't cool you down.
But don't use that if you intend to do an intense ride where your exercise is not steady as you will overheat pretty fast and the only way to regulate your body temperature is to remove or add an insulation layer as your body will use the other parts of your body to release the excess heat until it's not enough. Not very fun to stop every 10 minutes to add or remove an insulation layer.

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