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Originally Posted by Mobile 155 View Post
Ok you asked our opinion so here it is. But I think learning when it is time for pie is a valid discussion for who and what we are.

I think what you missed was most of us know exactly who we are and what we believe and hardly need a friend of Al Gore who has a carbon foot print the size of Nabraska. Then he writes a book about saving the earth because of global warming. (Long ago those of us that know who and what we are stopped listening to people that tell us to do as they say not as they do.) Opra who became a great thinker by acting in the Color Purple and having a talk show and Bill Clinton who taught us how store cigars and how to treat an intern. A woman who flies in Jets from the north to south pole, one of the dirtiests ways to travel with those self same people and then has the unmitigated temerity to suggest that through a stroke she realized the global warming debate is over and now she can tell us how to treat the earth and discover who we are. The fact that she traveled by fuel guzzeling jet shows there is a disconect between what she says and what she does. So she must not even believe what she says. We ride bikes at least so every one of us is nicer to the earth than she will ever be. She has every right to her opinion and every right to write a book. But to many of us that had discovered our place in the universe years ago it is like being lectured to by a junior high student who just discoverd that mankind tends to be judgemental. "DUH" I say "woman you should have studied history a bit more when in school" and you wouldn't have had to have a near death experience to learn what every average person knows from the second day of a new job.

Sorry I didn't find it interesting I found it drivel like we used to hear at late night coffee shop discussions in the University district next to the University of Washington. There are some subjects that are political by nature, anything posted in the Huffington Blog is Political. Anything associated with Al Gore and Bill Clinton is political.

Now tell me the truth, isn't Pie far more interesting than the musings of liberal tree hugger that saw that light because of a stroke?

Is that closer to the response you were looking for?
Well said Mobile155. After 67 years I pretty know who I am (and I like pie).
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