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Bikes: A fat tire & a skinny tire & two others I loaned out

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To put it simply, yes, you can. You may or may not notice:

-lower handlebar height (slightly more aggressive sitting position)
-increased HT angle, resulting in snappier steering
-reduced ground clearance from lower BB height
-more comfortable turning/leaning--lower BB = lower center of gravity

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but those are the basics. I can't tell you how noticeable these changes will be because I have never made suspension travel changes to a bike (that I had already ridden--my bike's travel is 120mm stock & I built my frame up with a 140mm fork), & because how noticeable & whether or not it's desirable depends entirely on the user. I can say from my time on this forum & around MTBs that 100/80mm (or vice versa) fork swaps are not at all uncommon in the XC world.

Originally Posted by hybridbkrdr View Post
By the way, I have some difficulty finding Rockshox that take V-brakes.
This is probably because, due to the efficiency/ease-of-use advantages of hydraulic/cable discs (respectively), v-brakes are mostly dead to the MTB world. There's no logical reason to use rim brakes when discs can function properly in any weather & with a bent wheel--two things that most MTBers are quite familiar with.
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