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Originally Posted by Captain Blight View Post
...Turns out it was, according to VeloBase, a Shimano first-generation 600 hub-- missing the oil port clip, but I have a spare, so no bigs there. And nothing intrinsically wrong with the hub-- cleaned up nicely, axle's not bent, cones not pitted, just the most minor frosting in the races. But I now have a choice to make.

I also have what I believe to be an Avocet-branded Ofmega Master rear hub with the same 126mm spacing, and spoke circle diameter and flange widths are very, very similar. And I also, also have a 600EX freewheel hub, with more or less identical measurements.

So, I pose the question to you guys: Which hub would you choose? Intended use will be credit-card touring and some commuting. All 3 are freshly rebuilt with Phil grease. All 3 are in very good cosmetic shape. The anodizing on the Avocet is absolutely pristine, and the Shimanos are both blinged up proper. So... which has the better mechanicals? Or is it all just a distinction without a difference?
Probably this.

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