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Edit: As I explain in this thread, my Cygolite died after about 18 months of use. The company wants $100 to $200 to replace the lamp and/or ballast. That's a rip-off.

After a year's use, My CygoLite NiMH battery gave me 3 hours, 14 minutes of use in 20-35 minutes spurts over about a week. I tested the battery by using my bike computer's timer to keep track of how long I used the light.

Perfomance advertised 5 hours (the NiMH is gone from Performance), but the CygoLite's website claims only 4 hours. I got the light about a year ago, and used it heavily last winter, so this seems about right. What do y'all think?

It would be useful if other BikeForum members did similar tests of their HID's (or any lights, for that matter). I'm not saying to put your guesses down immediately, I'm suggesting using your timer to keep track of exactly how long a charge lasts. If you don't have a timer, you can do it manually. But I am asking for more than guesses.

Edit: I did the test again over a longer period of time. The results are in post 30.
Second Edit: I did the test again aver a shorter time, and I got 3:45 to 3:50 in run time. See post 37.

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