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I'm a Performance Team Member as well, and the 2-day shipping is great, but the .99 special slow shipping is fine for stuff you don't want ASAP, but slow otherwise. I don't know if the Post Office is slowing down parcel post stuff on purpose to promote Priority Mail or what, but for the few cents more it would be a lot better customer service to ship Priority Mail. The stores get the orders out, usually same or next day, but the post office takes forever. I really wish they used UPS, fast shipping even with basic ground, great tracking, and the easy to use insurance if you have a claim. Years ago Nashbar orders would be next day (OH-IN) with standard shipping, but now even with Fed-Ex 2-day they take 2 business days.


P.S. I also don't like the back order policy, but I guess I understand they can't ship a 10 piece order one piece at a time. I had one order come in 2-days, but the backorder item shipped a day later and arrived about 7 days after the first...
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