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Velosteel coaster woes

Hi. Yes, I searched. Here's proof: So, yeah, on to my question.

I'm having the same issues with my velosteel as the guy from the linked thread had: The hub engages erratically, after braking and sometimes after coasting. I've searched elsewhere; most of the ppl who've reported this problem get a response from the guy (who, incidentally, is named Guy) that i bought the hub from. Guy says that the problem is caused by over-lubing the hub.

The thing is, I haven't had the thing open since I got it from him. I guess I got it sometime in 2011; the hub is marked 2009, and it sat in a box for a long time til i finally (recently; <1year) built a wheel around it and started riding it. So, all it ever had on it was the light coating he gives it, and then that sit for a loooong while.

I can't have more than 2000miles on this hub; probably much closer to 1000. It seemed to have a lot of play before engagement from day one, but nowadays it sometimes engages right-quick; other times, the pedals go around 270degrees before engagement! Typically, it is somewhere in-between.

I like the hub, and it's on a cruiser that I ride for short distances. It's super quiet, looks pimp, and doesn't drag. But I just bought a bike with an old-ish made-in-Japan Shimano cb-110 hub, and there's a dramatic difference. The Shimano hub's brake is far stronger, and while engagement takes a few degrees, it is entirely consistent and not-at-all terrifying. OTOH, drag is crazy noticeable. (Prolly needs a cleaning and a repack.)

It seems worth noting that Velosteel hubs are basically a newer, more cheaply-built iteration of the old Sachs SS CB hubs. The design is entirely different from more conventional CB hubs, so I'm looking for Velosteel- (& possibly vintage Sachs) specific advice here.

I have to admit, I am a little terrified of overhauling CB hubs, after having some nightmarish experiences with KT HiStop units in the distant past. I'm hoping someone can advise me to the proper remedy for this issue, as Guy's advice regarding too much/too heavy grease is certainly not the culprit in this case.

Thanks in advance,

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