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Related story
I've had a customer bring a bike in complaining of front brake squealing.
I adjust toe in, clean rims, etc. I test ride it, no probs. customer tries it, complains about noise.
Explanation/lesson learned:
when I rode it, I assertively used the front brake. the customer only used very light pressure (fear of endo perhaps?)
having the brake drag on the rims with very light pressure makes plenty of noise, the extended braking distance allows vibrations to build to audible levels.
ended up readjustng, this time testing using the (poor) braking habits that the customer used.

Well, i guess in summary, braking technique can be just as big a factor as brake adjustment.
my own brakes are silent when I use them; but some can be noisey if I let a friend try it.

Practice hard endo stops, see if that fixes the problem. When you stop fast the brakes dont have time to squeal; plus toe-in tends to weaken stopping power.
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