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Quite the discussion on Ross bicycles. Having been in the industry for many years I do remember pictures of Sherwood Ross and his wife at the yearly NY International Bike Show in American Bicyclist Magazine. Ross was a great U.S. built line of bikes , somewhat rivaling Schwinn, up until the mid 1980's. They were manufactured in Allentown , PA, and had corporate HQ in Rockway Beach, NY. they sold everything from kids bikes to road bikes. Interestingly enough, they were one of the first bike companies to jump in and manufacture 2 to 5 models of mountain bikes when they were just coming into vogue in about 1983 or so. Unfortunately, and others have replied with the reasons why, they went downhill very rapidly and ended up importing their entire line of bikes from Taiwan. I believe that a number of former Ross employees left and set up a rival manufacturing company in PA under the BCA brand label in the late 1980's. Frames were imported from Taiwan and assembled as bikes here. Quality was pretty awful though. This is an interesting story about Ross, almost rivaling the collapse of the Schwinn family business in the 1990's.
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