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to clarify, yeah...usually the term rat rod on bikes refers to cruisers, middleweights, etc....and often stuff that really wouldn't be terribly "useful" or efficient to use as a bike is intended, but look cool and are probably perfect for cruising around car shows. With cars, there's the approach of highlighting natural fade/rusting/"patina" while subtly adding new, high end running gear so you have what car guys would have referred to in the past as a "sleeper"...a rough looking car that looks like it was just pulled out of someone's back yard, but will lose you in the dust at a red light drag race. What I had in mind was the same sort of aesthetic applied to high end Italian road frame & I was curious if anyone else has done the same thing. I have lots of nice, original bikes & generally if I'm adding a bike to my collection I filter out any prospects that need paint because I'm not a big fan of putting in work/money that can't be unbolted & used on another project. My Pinarello showed up super cheap, but needing paint & decals and I figure it's still a great frame, but I'm not too keen on dumping 500 bucks or more into making it look really nice so I could have a bike that's worth a few hundred dollars less than I have invested...I try to remain right-side up in all respects, if you know what I mean.
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