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Hmmm. A few thoughts.

The LePree triple pulley rear derailleur is interesting but I'm not sure it's any better functionally than a traditional double pulley.

The 5-speed cluster is more likely a freewheel than a cassette. I don't have the specs for the original Nishiki, but by the mid-80's, 6-speed clusters were quite common.

27" tires perhaps? Look like CST (Cheng Shin). Limits your choices compared to 700c tires if so.

I believe this has Tange #2 tubing but not entirely sure.

SunTour Power Ratchet DT shifters?

Cantis, front eyelets & rear rack braze-ons are nice.

In a hot market, $350 is not that unreasonable. More than the original '86 price of around $250-275, but not unheard of in today's market.
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