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It varies depending on the ride. For my commute (12 miles one way), usually just a patch kit, spare tube and multi-tool in a small seat bag or burrito wrap, plus a frame-fit pump. The bag is no bigger than my hand. That goes with me on all rides.
On day trips or weekend rides (typically 30-50 miles) I'll add clothing appropriate to the weather in a larger seat bag (I've accumulated several over the years, up to a Carradice Longflap). Small items--camera, sunscreen, snacks, maps when necessary)--go in a tubular handlebar bag for easy access. A couple of my bikes have rear racks, and sometimes I'll bungee a jacket or poncho on there. Groceries ride home the same way. I can't think of anything I'd reasonably want to carry that I can't manage.
I bought a set of panniers on sale years ago, but have never put them on the bike. I've recently retired, except for occasional freelance work, and plan to increase my bike time and decrease my driving, so I may be installing those when the weather warms.
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