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as the OP here, I'm fine with some thread/subject drift. This has been interesting on a lot of levels. I've gotten some perspectives. For instance, the amount of frame to provide a "canvas" is an interesting way to think about it. I will say this, when I was saying 'rat rod' I had certain flavor of car construction in mind- and i realize there are more than one. What I had in mind was the pickup truck or sedan pulled out of the "back forty" of someone's farm (complete with some dents, faded paint & probably some rust) with a hot engine dropped in, lowered a bit (maybe with a rake) and with nice wheels....it's a popular recipe I believe in the car world and it's interesting as it creates avenues for profitable flips in that world without meticulous restorations. Somehow or another (and not with the intent to flip), I was thinking of capturing the same spirit with a road bike. It's definitely something different from the preserved or correctly restored approach I usually have with bikes. I'm sure I'll do something along the lines of what I had in mind assuming I can get a decent fit out of the bike. So, ideas/thoughts/tangents are all good....just feeding some creative juices &, heck, I may use some ideas I get too!

by the way, here's my recent entry in the world of faux French bikes (I completely get the cliche someone mentioned above...hey, at least this one is actually a Peugeot and I *swear* there's no twine involved!)

I guess maybe the best or most extreme example (which isn't really what I'm gonna do) would be a beat up old frame with either fades of different colors, rust, or flaking paint a la "bum bike" sporting a set of deep carbon fiber wheels, a fairly modern component group, etc.
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