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It does not sound like pad wear. The pad clearance is self adjusting. You can use a flash light to look in the slot of the caliper to check pad wear, or just take them out and look at them. If you bleed the system you need to remove them anyway so you don't accidently oil them while bleeding. The Shimanos have a rubber "bladder" in the cap for the MC sometimes there will be a little air trapped in it when the system is new. If the lever gets actuated while the bike is upside down or on its side this air bubble can get drawn into the system. Instant soft braking. Bleeding is pretty easy, with a little squeze bottle and some clear tubing(rc car gas line works). You bleed from the caliper up. Shimano has a clamop on cover with vent hose but you don't need it if you don't mind making a mess..
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