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The 50+ Great American Relay

Hey Folks,

I had an idea for an event which would promote 50+ cycling and celebrate the comaraderie of the 50+ forum. This would be a relay ride across America, with the members of the 50+ forum riding rides of "normal" lengths (whatever the cyclist is used to riding) and, at the conclusion of one's individual ride, passing a "baton" to the next rider, another member of the 50+ forum. We don't have to get too crazy, here: the relay doesn't have to be unbroken in time, but it should be unbroken in length, meaning any net advance in distance has to be by bicycle. We can decide on the ultimate goal: Is it simply to ride across America, or perhaps hit every one of the 48 "lower" states? Should we set a time limit, such as ride across America in 12 months, or 9 months, or 6 months? We should keep the rules to a minimum, but I think one of the important ones is that each handoff has to be documented with a photograph which is then posted either to a thread in this forum, or perhaps to a Facebook page we could set up for this purpose.

What do you think?
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