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Hi it seem that everyone notice the price before anything . is not that much more than those other big names companies out there offering a FULL SHIMANO XT Carbon bike. plus this one is Titanium.

Continuing on topic about the bike/frame. I was wondering more about the design how would it compare to something like the trek superfly 100, they both have the lower pivot at different locations. the Linskey have it above and in front of the bottom bracket. while the trek sf 100 above and inline of the bottom bracket.

How would the Linskey be as far as pedal efficiency, braking and pedal kickback.
would you feel the pedal bob, inefficiencycy under braking etc.

Lynskey claim good Acceleration Anti-Squat, braking performance and Pedaling Performance.

Lynskey is a solid name, not so much in the fat tire world in my experience. It looks like a solid frame, but not my taste for the price.
If you dont mind me asking what is that you dont like other than the price.

good bike but horribly overpriced. if you can afford it and REALLY like titanium, get one. otherwise choose an aluminum bike or even carbon for less
I been looking at other bikes with full shimano XT and they are all at about the same price.

Nothing wrong with single-pivot - - been a staple of Yeti, Santa Cruz and many others for years. Gad! . . . I'll take a complete SB95 (or better yet, an SB66) at those kind of prices
I was also looking at a DW-link bike with full XT and that one goes for $5,641 then I saw this one being Titanium and it seem cool but I came to ask more about the design I dont know much about full suspension bikes.
But it seem that the only negative so far is price. then I assume this design is good enough

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