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Originally Posted by Narhay View Post
Thank you to you both for the info. I have not purchased this one just yet...I was waiting to see what you guys thought if it were going to be worthwhile. The price is a bit high at $100 as is and I am not sure if there would be anything left on the bone once it is all said and done.

T Mar, you step into nearly all my threads with very exacting info. For that, I thank you.
You're located in probably the 2nd hottest bicycle market in Canada. I would think that in goood riding condition this one would be worth around $250 in that market, for that small a frame, provided the paint is not too rough. Of course, it all comes down to how much you'll have to invest.

This ones needs to be inspected really closely, especially with respect to the bearings. Remove the chain from the cranks and spin it by hand. That way you'll get a better feel for the bearing and race conditions. Same thing with the wheels. Remove them and spin the axle with your fingers. While the front wheel is out, rotate the headset bearings, as the added mass of the front wheel tends to smooth the rotation. Don't forget to check that the post and stem aren't siezed. Of course, even if everything is good mechanically, the return can be limited if the paint is really rough. Most buyers are more sensitive to that than the mechanical condition, so that may be the limiting factor and it's really hard to get a accurate reading of the finish via the picture.
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