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Dude wheres my guads?
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Originally Posted by Patriot
Some of the older Rolfs have had some recall sas well. The new ones though are top notch, no problems what so ever. If I was going to get a set of AM's, I'd definitely get the 420's, since they have a good rim. the hubs though apparently fixed, still have me a bit worried. Thus, the Rolf Vigors. Rolfs have nice hubs with a Ti freehub. Sweet.

What bike are these going on? Is it worthy of a set of Rolfs? If you want Aero, that can still climb, but are willing to go a little heavier, the Rolf Echelons appear to be a good all around wheel at 1640g. They go for around $500 or so. A little mroe affordable.
The wheels would go on my F70 and my TT project which will happen next year.. The Echelons add another variable..Thanks Patriot.. Oh and Trinity's lookin as sweet as ever ...
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