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BB Cartridge under torqued but over tightened

I have installed a Shimano ES-70 bottom bracket cartridge on my bike (as part of changing from Shimano 105 to XT series to move my bike's gearing down for a better range for touring).

I have done this on another bike without problems. This time I have an unexpected issue.

My problem: When torqued to about 450 in-lbs (the specification range is 435-608 in-lbs -- from Shimano's literature), the spindle has an over tightened feel, not turning smoothly and being rather stiff. When I backed the lockring off to the point where the spindle just ran smoothly, the torque was only about 200 in-lbs.

All one bike maintenance book I have says about a situation like this is to "... try again." Ok, fine. What is this supposed to mean?

Anyway, I greased the right side threads before I installed the main body of the BB. I used anti-seize compound on the lockring (since it is aluminum alloy while the frame is cro-mo and the cartridge stainless(?) steel.

I tightened the right side tight against the BB shell.

In addition to the anti-sieze on the lockring threads, I spread a layer of Phil Wood grease on the hard rubber seal on the inside of the lockring.

Initially I tightened the lockring by feel using a 12" wrench. Then I checked the spindle. When I found the spindle felt over tightened, I brought out the torque wrench.

I am guessing the BB may be defective, though brand new. That is a bit unexpected. Any thoughts? Any similar experiences?

(I have searched the Bike Mechanics Forum and not found anything similar brought up before.)

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