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I have nearly 1000km on a set of 420 with the DT aero spokes. No problems so far, they are still as true as the day I got them. They are spoked 20 front/ 24 rear. I'm 5'11, 200 lbs.

The 350s, are a lighter wheel because it has a smaller rim section and the rim is made of Magnesium, verses the aluminum of the 420,

I bought my wheels off ebay, and was told they were fixed at the factory already for the cam plate recall. Just to be sure I called AM and gave them my serial number and they sent me a cam plate, with instructions and the LBS service Voucher. I checked the hubs myself as per the instructions, and sure enough, they have been fixed. So it would seem the warranty is a non issue, as were my cam plates. What are some other possible warranty issues you have heard of the ebay wheels?

The wheels seem well built for the weight of them. I was surprised when they arrived at my door. The box they were in seemed empty. The real performance is on the bike. The wheels really make my bike accelerate fast and lively. Not only do they feel fast, they sound fast as well with no wind noise. The only sounds are tire and road contact coming from the wheels.

They feel stiff enough in hard cornering and I have not noticed any loss of stiffness coming from a set of 32 cross 3 wheels. The rear cassette body is silent for my likes, making just enough of a ratchet sound during coasting, not like some other wheels I tested and looked at. During climbing I was getting a slight brake rub on the front wheel until I loosened of the brake cable a touch. That seemed to solve that.

The braking surface seemed a tad narrow and required a bit of fine pad adjustment so as to not drag on the tires, or the lower black portion of the rim. Not a big deal, just a caution during set up, should you go with the 420's

They look pretty good if you can get past the decals, I actually planned to remove mine as soon as I got them. They don't look as sexy as the Rolfs, however if you break a spoke on these, you will not have a wheel taco as you would with a paired spoke wheel like the Rolf. It may not happen, but that was part of my reasoning to go with a more conventional wheel (at this time) over a Rolf or Bontrager with exotic lacing patterns, as much as I love those.

I too have read the Vigors use the same rim as the 420. Looking at pictures, it would seem it is true.

Good luck and have fun with your choices
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