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Answering my own question -- I think.

A slight amendment to my previous post/question: It was actually my daughter who was installing the BB with my verbal assistance.

In checking things out, looking for a reason for the problem, I found that she has really tightened the fixed side of the BB cartridge. I did not think that was an issue at first. It is what I had told her to do. But, I loosened it and snugged up using my "calibrated" hands. Then I torqued the lockring side. NOW, the spindle turns freely, with just slightly more resistance that when I try it not tightened down, and there is none of the unevenness. So, now I am guessing that then the LBS prepared the shell, they did not perfectly face the shell. With a very, very slightly less tight fixed side, the lockring can better align the cartridge.

How's this for an analysis?
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