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A tube is a tube. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth even cars had tubes, now almost all care tures are tubeless, and thus it seems people get confused.

Ok here are my comments and suggestions.

Get a frame pump or mini pump. If you want you can also get a co2 system. But if only one go with the pump. Most co2 systems are one cartridge one refill. Have one of those nightmare rides (or just one nightmare flat) and you are done if you only have a co2 system.

Other things to have. Tire 'irons' they are always plastic these days, and that is better. They are for getting the tires on and off the rims. It can be done without them, but they make life a lot easier. At least one spare tube, I suggest 2. A patch kit ALSO not instead. Why both patch kit and tubes? You can get a hole that can not be patched, too big, near the stem or even stem damage. Why a patch kit, same as why a pump. Have that ride with lots of bad luck you can patch again and again if needed. Why 2 tubes. Well I hate patching on the road. Also first time out it is fairly common to cause valve damage in replacing a tube, if the original tube was not patchable you are then screwed.

Use to search functions to find more. There is a maintenance section here. Should be lots there. My one BIG suggestion is change out a tube at home first. Learn what it takes to get the wheels off and all when it doesn't mean at best a ruined ride if you fail. (It is also a lot easier to do for the first time when you are fresh and relaxed). Worst case if you can not do it at home is a drive to the local shop and a few bucks to get it done. Most shops will be happy to teach you all you need to know on this one, there may be a small charge. (If a shop will not help you learn on this time to find a new shop).

I prefer to save up tubes with holes and patch 3 or 4 at a time. Once you open the glue on a patch kit it starts to dry out. I usually buy a second patch kit and put the unopened glue in with the first, always having an unopened glue tube on a ride. A patchkit with only dried out glue is pretty worthless.
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