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Originally Posted by TheDTrain
Well if the tube is in the tire, won't the tire be punctured before the tubes gets touched? Therefore won't you need both a patch kit and a spare tube?
Air in the tube, not the tyre. If something punctures the tyre but not the tube, nothing happens - you just keep riding, and will probably never know. If debris makes it though the tyre and punctures the tube, you have a flat.

You patch a tube, not a tyre. A spare tube and a patch kit is suggested. If you get a flat, put in the spare tube - it's typically much faster than patching a hole. If you get a second flat, then resort to the patches.

On very rare occasions you can encounter debris large enough to damage the tyre e.g. slice the sidewall open. It's not something that you carry a spare for - a dollar bill or an energy bar wrapper will typically work as a temporary boot so that you can inflate a tube inside and get yourself home, then replace the tyre. Very rare....

Also, what exactly IS a CO2 cartiledge? I never knew you could pump up a tire with just CO2?
Compressed CO2, like used in paintball guns etc.

Is there a site with pictures cuz I'm still confused.
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