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Originally Posted by DocRay
I've never had more than one flat on a ride in 23 years. I must live a charmed life.
I do not recall 2 ever having 2 independent flats on one ride in about 15 years myself.


I've picked up a piece of steel belt 3 different times. Only one of those times did I find it on the first try. One other time I found it the second flat less than 5 miles later, but it took over 5 minures at teh side of the road. One time I rode over 40 more miles after teh first flat and the tire seemed fine, but next morning flat again.

The one time I found it first time was on The Grand Tour, 200 mile ride in one day. About 30 miles from the end I flatted about 15 milutes before sunset but found the small piece of steel belt right away. Ironic part was that I was down to one spare tube because I'd given my number 2 spare to a rider who was on his 3rd flat less than 25 miles into the ride.

Also don't forget one sticker bush or the glass from one accident and you can have both tires flat, perhaps with multiple punctures.

And one should always finish a ride with a spare, you never know when you will meet someone attractive who has a flat.
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