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Got mine used off a guy who didn't know what he had, so I'm pretty happy with the value for money.

Bike is a 2001 lavaredo, 60cm, 58.5cm top tube, pretty much traditional italian there. Newer frames are compact, can't say I very much like the notion myself. I bought it as a race bike on the cheap side (money, not value) and I have to say I'm impressed. Decked out with 105 and a pair of cxp 23 laced to ultegra hubs. Not the lightest wheelset, but I'm a mean out-of-saddle climber and I hate flex (6'4", on the light side of 170 pounds).

The tubing is columbus altec 2 plus, and I think it's still the same with the newer models. Stiff aluminium, but not uncomfortable. Rode it for a few 110, 130 kms rides and I still had some spirit by the end.

I have a 130mm stem on it for my long arms, and I feel firmly planted going down or up. Tracks beautifuly at 60, 65 km/h around long bends. Angles are steep-ish to my eyes.

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