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I've had AC 420's, AC 350's, 2 pairs of Rolf Vector Pro's (original silver, not the crap Trek versions), 3 sets of AC / Velocity Deep V's, a set of Bontrager Aero's, and a set of Rolf Vigor RS's through my many years of serious riding (I have 9 current road bikes).

The 420's I had were crap - bad build from the get go (and they are gone now). Cracked rim lines along the drill-holes does not make for a very sturdy ride.

The 350's are so-so and are used literally 3-4 times per year on serious climbing rides when I travel to Colorado or the local rides in the hills.

The V-Pro's were very nice but heavy and both eventually failed in the rear hub (cracked flanges). One was warratied for Aeros, nice but too heavy. The other was warrantied for X-Lites, not bad, not the best either. As good as 32-hole Wheelsmith standard builds.

The 3 sets of AC / Deep V's (one still brand new), I've put on 10K miles on ones set and 5+K miles on the other. Re-built the 10K rear wheel once (non-drive spokes and bearings). Never touched the other set and still true and smooth.

Rolf Vigor RS - best wheels I own hands down. Best freehub pawl, best weight / aero balance, and wicked fast spin up.

My advice - Rolf Vigor's or a handbuilt set of AC / Deep V's in a 24-spoke lacing front and rear 2-cross DT Revolution spoke / alloy nipple (I have one front radial - too flexy, stick with 2x lacing).
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