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Originally Posted by droy45 View Post
I wouldn't count out that surly. I saw a 16in frame before and it looked like it would fit a sixth grader. They are very very small. 18in is more like your size but not sure about the drop bars. I am a little shorter than you and I use 21in. It just rides so much better especially if its alluminum. The surly will be steel though. You can do like Thermionic mentions and use bars with less reach. What exactly are you trying to gain by using the drop bars? Are you entering races etc?
I could probably get a stem about 30-40 mm shorter, but for bar reach I already have a compact bar so it won't get much shorter. I mostly commute with my bike but I do the occasional race. But even when commuting, I like to go fast and I find I tend to lean into a more aggressive position, albeit awkward, when using my old horizontal bars.

Originally Posted by acidfast7 View Post
I would check out one of these to see if you could dial it in before buying a new frame.

They're very common over here (a lot of bikes in the €2500+ range have adjustable stuff by Sunori) but I think the only place I've seen them in the US are from eBay (interestingly enough).

Interesting, I have not seen those before. I'm in Canada, which makes finding bike parts even more difficult, but I might look around for that type of stem. The single pivot stems are fairly common here on comfort bikes but dual pivot stems I have not seen. I can't find much info on Sunori. Do you know any other manufacturers that make it?
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