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I am in N. Central Florida, & bikes are almost always quite high here, too . But, I run across a bargain every now & then on a couple of websites/yard sales , etc.. I agree that only being there for a month is not long enough . I have watched C'list for months & not seen a single bargain . Then , the next day I got out & bought several bikes. You have to be willing to drive a bit, too. Plenty of times, I have driven r/t up to 200 miles . One good thing is that since bikes are NOT a bargain in either of our locations, when you do find a bargain, you can resell it for a nice profit, if it is good condition. I recently picked up 2 vintage Schwinn bikes for $50 each, that need little more than wiping down. If I flip them, I expect them to sell for $125-$175, each.
Good luck !
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