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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
Anytime you have that specific of a target, I think you are best off with ebay.

When I find deals, I am both agnostic on size and agnostic on model and brand. I do avoid the dept store stuff, along with hybrids and mtbs. Last bikes picked up: a Specialized Cross bike, a Centurion, a Takara, a Schwinn, a Fuji, and a Nishiki. None were my size.

When I wanted something specific, like the Paramount Series 70 mtb, in a 15 inch size that I recently picked up for my wife, I reverted to ebay (I wanted either a 1992 series 70 or a 1992 series 90). Ditto the 1992 Series 7, in a 56cm size that I picked up for myself.
I agree, that's going to be a hard bike to find down here. I've been paying particular attention to touring bikes for years, and I can only recall seeing one small Cannondale from the ST series in that time. Ronno6, you might try calling Bicycle Spot (954-772-4909) and tell Peyton what you're looking for.
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