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We now have about 700 miles on our Di2 (Ultegra)on our coupled Calfee. We just finished a Santana tour of New Zealand. It was about 500 miles and about 24,000 ft of ascending. Our setup is a compact 50/34 and 11-36 cassette. We previously had a triple 52/39/30 and varied the cassette from 11-28 to 11-32 depending on the trip. We had climbs on this last trip up to short durations of 20% with lots of extended climbs at 8-12% per Garmin readings. The bike shifts like a well tuned single now and i will never go back to mechanical on a travel tandem. We connect one internal wire at the lower boom during assembly now and never touched the system once. There were 27 tandems on this last trip and 4 DI2 (two Dura-Ace and two Ultegra). With the exception of one Ultegra system that was on a 3 week old bike none of them ever went on to the stand for work. That one did for 3 days until the mechanic pulled the crankset and realized the inner chainring had been put on flipped and therefore the spacing was incorrect. I think almost every other tandem had adjustments done. Most were related to front triple especially going into the small chainring. One team whom are very strong riders have a great system if it doesn't drop, stoker is adept at a unclipping and kicking the derailleur to get it to drop. As this last trip had lots of very steep transitions at the bottom of ravines it did require dropping to the little chainrings under load and the DI2 did it flawlessly. When in a fast tandem paceline on the big ring we never felt the jumps were too large and only did a few double shifts which are very fast and effortless without need for communication. We are not a super strong team but always ride in the front group on these trips and tend to get gapped a bit on long climbs. We can pull our fair share on the flats and rollers. I say this just for reference so maybe you can use it to relate to your needs. I find this forum fascinating because the opinions given are hard to relate to sometimes because there is no reference as to riding ability or fitness. For us the Di2 was worth the expense and basically turned our 5 year old Calfee into a brand new bike with the latest drivetrain.
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