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As a we are not a strong team and on a hour flat time trial we would be happy to average 20 mph. Last year we finished a flat 100k. Right at 20 mph but was able to draft quite a bit. We were very happy as the heat index was about 115 for the ride.

I think gearing is more important for low power teams than for high power teams. We have little margin for error in gearing and must get it right to finish a ride strong. Grunting up a few hills results in suffering to finnish the ride.

To answer another question - yes we like just the right gear when climbing too. Too low a gear and we bog down so if a gear is just a little too high and our cadence drops below 90 then. We downshift. If that took us 15 perc slower we would have to live with that. If it only takes us 8 perc slower then we might be able to go a little faster.

I can see the advantage of Di2 especially on a S&S travel tandem. We like our triple and if they had an electronic triple then we would just have to consider the price and weight. As it is i don 't get that far.

i do differ from Ritterview reference to pro teams. Maybe because we are so much lower power but I tend to think that they ride what they are paid to ride, the newest stuff. I don't think an eleven speed gives the Campy teams an advantage over a 10 speed team. Likewise I don't think. Di2 gives an advantage over a well working mechanical system. The mechanical systems do work well just like the Ad copy used to claim so there is not much room for improvement by going to electronic. I think the pros are more concerned about dropped chains or broken chains both of which I attribute to bad setup maybe by a tired mechanic who spent all Day riding in the team car and most of the night cleaning and adjusting bikes.
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