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Originally Posted by Turbotandem View Post
It's amusing that all manual shift owners love it and do not advocate change. And all di2 owners love di2. It undermines an effective comparison if the banter is simply advocating your own. What is true from the di2 owners is that they all came from manualikes. And not one yet has regretted that change. The manual tandem riders have only charts and numers to refer to and no experience with the two systems to offer a valid expeirince. I go with my experience and not the charts. I would agree di2 is not for touring tandems or teams who are struggling on climbs
I have no idea how old you are but one of the things that I have learned in my short 70 years is that once a person has spent their hard earned money on something, then in their mind it is the best and it will remain so until something or somebody comes along to change their minds. That is one reason companies spend billions on marketing.

Our tandem is mechanical, Ultegra 6700 brifters, DA 7803 series FD and Rd, new Ultegra cranks, SRAM 11-28 cassette, and it shifts good. I can always get the triple to shift and if the rear needs to be adjusted I know how to adjust it. The parts are available, prices are decent and I can work on the complete system. Have you gone to the Shimano tech site and looked at the tech manual for electronic shifting? At this time we will stick with mechanical shifting. I believe that in the next 2-3 years I might change my mind but for now we will stay mechanical. I like close ratios, in my racing days I always ran a straight block rear freewheel/cassette. If you are going to stay with the pack you have to have the right gear.

We rarely shift off of the big ring here on the prairie, I use all ten cogs on the rear with the 52 on the front and the FD does not rub. We rarely use the middle ring and even use the small ring less frequently, but when we need it we have it. I am not willing to go wide ratio and give up the triple. If there was a way to simplify the system and use just electronic in the rear I might be more inclined to try it.

Rudy's experience has caused me to decide to wait and see!

Wayne in Illinois
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