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Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
I have SRAM Rival on my bike, it was no sweat to switch to them after riding Shimano 105 for several years. I would ride either system without complaining, but the Sora and its thumb levers does not suit me personally. Double tap is now automatic for me. I would upgrade to Force or even Red if it were financially responsible.

Sora works fine for what you pay for it. My beef with it is how the levers hang straight down instead of canting outward. They're just hard to reach, that's all.

One thing I like about SRAM is how ergonomically similar and cross-compatible they all are. Red's the only outlier, and that's in the front shifter and derailleur. Before wide-range rear derailleurs were added to Rival, Force, and Red, the SaxoBank riders were using Apex rear derailleurs on their Red-equipped Tarmacs for the way-beyond-category mountain stages of the Giro.

And, SRAM's continuously adjustable lever reach has Shimano's little black STI shims beat by a mile. And SRAM's shift cable routing is cleaner.

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