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Originally Posted by Gerryattrick View Post
While I love cycling I must admit I just don't like riding in the cold and wet so every year I end up hardly riding at all between December and March and it's virtually an eight month “season” for me.

I know I lose a lot of fitness this way but I've realised I don't really mind. I've tried the gym and given up each year – these days I find it too boring and prefer my watts in light-bulbs – but I quite look forward to building up my fitness in the spring. Luckily I don't put on any weight when not riding and use the time to finish a few bike projects.

I think it's a legacy of my younger days when I played a lot of sports which all had close seasons to help re-charge the batteries and start the new season with renewed enthusiasm. I'm sure that helped me enjoy competitive sport until my mid 50s, when I had to stop due to knee and back problems. I treat my winter "break" in the same way.

When I'm on a ride I will often try to ride as fast as I can for 30 minutes or an hour, not to improve any metrics as I vary my routes and don't have a trip computer or GPS, but just for the fun of it. If one week I'm a bit slower than the week before – so what as long as I enjoyed the ride.

Are you a yo-yo cyclist like me or are you more disciplined?
I'm with you gerry.........a fair weather rider!
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