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Originally Posted by Avalanche325
Lucky you. I got three flats in one day on a 50 mile ride.

I agree with 2 tubes and a patch kit. A really cheap, really small pump that you can get up to over 100psi is the Topeak Pocket Rocket. I got one for $8. No patch kit in the world will repair a broken valve.

Suggested by my LBS, I also ride with 2 tubes & a patch kit. I had my first flat on a road bike a couple of months ago. The front tire flatted on a downhill. Luckily the tire remained on the rim but by the time I had stopped, the sidewall was cut and the tube looked like Swiss cheese. No patch kit would had been able to fix it. Without a spare, I would have been walking home instead of riding (not that I was crazy about riding on a trashed tire).
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