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Originally Posted by GeorgeBMac View Post
No offence taken -- but thanks for asking...

I responded strongly because I suspect that many people have the same misconception about fittings as I did. I avoided having one because: 1) I thought they were expensive, sophisticated things used mostly by performance riders. 2) I was afraid I would be told "this is the correct configuration. You have to adapt to it."

I only had it done because: The manager at my LBS offered it to me gratis after I bought the owner's LeMond -- and he wanted to be sure it was a good buy for me. And, I have learned to trust this guy -- even when I don't agree with his opinion (he's always been right!).

And, after having it done I found that he was right once again... I ended up with a bike that fit me far better than I ever dreamed a bike could fit.

I became a believe! (so now I have to proselytize)
Fit is paramount. I have been involved as a part owner of an LBS for 15 years and we do basic fits the old school method. We also do BG Fits but they cost a little more. I simply gave the OP the basics for getting himself set up on the bike. What I mentioned, is the foundation of a fit. The rest is tweaking. BTW, we don't charge for a basic fit unless you bring in an off brand bike.
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