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Not what I was expecting on Sunday's ride.

I've waited to post this a day because I couldn't find words.

Yesterday I saw a rider stopped and attempting to remove her rear wheel. I thought she must have a flat. So, as I am prone to do, I slowed down and asked if she needed anything. She shook her head yes. I stopped and walked over. She says she has changed flats before, but her hands are so cold she's not sure she can get the tire off and then remount it. I offer to assist. As we're working on the flat, a group of five or six riders go by. About 200 yards after they passed, one of them circled back. He unclips, walks over and literally grabs the wheel out of my hands saying, "Give me that old man. I'll do it." I was stunned. I mean I was stunned enough that I couldn't say anything for a few seconds. When I finally replied, I simply stated that I had it under control and was doing fine. He looks directly at the woman and says, "This job call for someone with some real hand strength." She's looking at me and rolling her eyes. The guy struggles with it using two tire irons and can't get the bead to break free. I simply said, "Excuse me. Let me try." He glares at me and says he'll do it. We're now another two or three minutes into this, and he hasn't yet been successful. At this point, the woman says, "I asked this gentleman to help me. Would you please give him the wheel." He thrusts the wheel in my face while saying she can do what she wants. He was just trying to be helpful. With that, he stomps over to his bike and pushes off. I’m still trying to figure out what deamons this guy has inside doing battle. After the flat is repaired and the wheel remounted, the woman asks how far I'm going; she's worried about running into this guy again by herself. It turns out, I'll be riding right past the apartment complex where she lives. So, I agree to ride with her. As we come to the entrance of the complex, I see she's crying. This whole thing has upset her much more than I could have imagined. We stop for a moment and she apologizes for crying and tells me she hates when men act that way. She also says that she's sorry that she put me in that situation. I tell her she didn't put me in any position. If anyone needs to apologize it's the other rider. On that, she heads to her apartment and I continue down the road.
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