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Originally Posted by mulveyr View Post
My experience is that the stereotypical Serious Cyclists never do anything that might impede their performance on their current Strava segment, but that people who are clearly just out for a nice ride on the bike will generally throw at least a "You OK?" as they pass by - even though I'm a middle-aged graying Fred with delusions that I can do a rear tube swap in three minutes flat. ;-)
Well thank goodness for all you middle aged graying Freds! When I was a club rider, there was this whole "keep up; keep up; keep up" mentality... get a flat and the group was long gone... on a ride we came across another bike club (I will give them a shout out as it was deserved - Riverside Bicycle Club) and everyone was standing around while someone was changing a flat. I stopped and commented sarcastically "well... how many cyclist DOES it take to change a flat?". They politely responded "only one but we dont leave that one behind...". I realized that day I was riding with the wrong club.

I would like to think we cyclists are all a friendly bunch looking out for other cyclists but sadly that is not true... especially within the last 5 years. I love all the new people getting into the sport but that Strava thing has to go (don't I sound old now?).

BTW I did a mountain bike ride on Saturday. After, one of the riders told me Strava says we did 1100 of climbing. Hard to believe on a basically flat ride so I pulled out my Garmin GPS... and it said 600' don't trust Strava!

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