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just to sort of close out this thread. . . i did notice on microinspection that there was a small indentation on the inside of the tire. it looked like possibly the imprint of a big chunk of glass from the outside. but this couldn't have been it because the punctures in the tube were in lots of different places. after removing/putting on tires about 7 times, i'm beginning to get quicker. i'm placing my bet on the hypothesis that the tubes made it through the ordeals no better off than the skin on my palms and knuckles. . . definitely not unscathed. the tubes were probably compromised when i was jamming 2 plastic tire levers and a screwdriver over the rim trying to get those last few inches back on. anyway, hasn't been a problem for a few days which feels great considering i was getting totally flat tires within hours of of the last patch before.

another newbie lesson learned. the hard way.
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