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Look out! Fat guy on a bike!

For the first winter in many years, I did no riding at all. I put it down to the fact that from early December, when my Dad suddenly took ill, to January when he died, my free time was spent at his bed side, or staying with and supporting Mom.
Somehow, when it was all over, I just never found the motivation to put on the studded tires or pull on the winter gear to go out and ride on dry days.
I didn't let my fitness totally slide. I made regular trips to the gym on my days off, but as we all know, it's just not the same.
So yesterday, with the temps above freezing, I decided it was time to blow some dust out. Now, I don't own a bathroom scale, but I know when the weight has crept up, and I'm sure I'm probably up about 10 lb or so.
I rode the 8 clicks to the lbs to collect a check for the wheel build job I did for them, and while it felt good to be out, there is work to do to get back to where I was.
Time to HTFU.
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